Top 10 destinations for solo travelers on a budget

Traveling on a budget is often a top priority for solo adventurers. Here is a list of ten great places for those exploring alone. These locations are known for their affordable prices, safety, and interesting things to see and do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traveling solo doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • These destinations offer affordable accommodations, activities, and attractions.
  • Explore historic cities, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultures on a budget.
  • Plan your solo adventure and have a memorable experience without worrying about finances.
  • With careful planning and research, solo travel on a budget is within reach.

Passau, Germany

Passau, Germany is a gem for solo travelers on a budget in Western Europe. It’s called the “City of Three Rivers” for its unique mix of history, culture, and beauty. Solo journeys in Germany are now easier on the wallet.

There are many budget-friendly places to stay in Passau, like cozy guesthouses and hostels. Enjoy tasty, inexpensive meals, from Bavarian classics to global dishes. Passau proves you can dine well without spending a lot.

This city is great for free things to do. Walk around the Old Town with its small streets and beautiful buildings. A stroll along the Danube and Inn rivers offers stunning views and a peaceful vibe.

For those who love history, Passau has many old sites and museums. See St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the biggest church in Bavaria, which talks about its religious roots. The Veste Oberhaus, a medieval fortress, also gives great views of the city.

Passau is perfect for budget solo explorers. It offers low-cost places to stay, cheap food, and lots of free fun, making your trip memorable.

budget-friendly destinations in Passau

Category Average Cost per Day
Accommodation $25-40
Meals $8-15
Attractions Free to $10
Transportation $5-10

Costs may vary depending on individual preferences and travel dates.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia offers a lot for travelers on a budget. It has beautiful buildings and a lively culture. The city is surrounded by stunning nature, making it a great place for affordable fun.

When you visit Ljubljana, make sure you check out the outdoor adventures. It’s placed near the Ljubljana Marshes and the Slovenian Alps. So, you can easily find amazing hikes and beautiful views. You might want to hike up Castle Hill for its view. Or, spend a day in Tivoli Park, one of Europe’s top green spaces.

Ljubljana is also great for solo travelers, with its safety and friendly vibe. You can walk around, try local food that’s not pricey, and enjoy the café scene.

There are plenty of places to stay in Ljubljana, from cozy rooms to budget hostels, right at the heart of the city.

On average, a day in Ljubljana costs about $91. This covers your bed, food, getting around, and fun things to do. With good planning, you can have a great time in Ljubljana without spending too much.

outdoor activities in Ljubljana

Average Costs in Ljubljana

Category Average Cost
Accommodation $30-50 per night
Meals $10-20 per day
Transportation $1-2 per ride
Activities Free or low-cost

In the end, Ljubljana, Slovenia is perfect for exploring solo on a budget. It’s got lots of fun outdoor things to do, cheap places to stay, and a friendly vibe. It’s a great choice for an affordable and thrilling adventure by yourself.

Kraków, Poland

Kraków, Poland is a great choice for solo travelers on a budget. It’s one of Europe’s best-kept secrets for being affordable. This city offers so much with its history, beautiful buildings, and lively culture. You’ll find plenty of things to do that won’t cost a lot.

Explore Historical Sites

Visiting Kraków means you get to see some amazing historical spots. The Wawel Royal Castle is a must-see. It stands tall on Wawel Hill and gives a great view of the city. You can also see cool art and old stuff there.

Don’t miss Rynek Glowny Central Square too. It’s huge and has St. Mary’s Basilica on it. The place is always bustling with life.

Kraków, Poland

Indulge in Cheap Eats

Kraków has a lot of good food that won’t drain your savings. You can eat local dishes or try food from other countries. Don’t leave without trying the pierogi, a type of dumpling, or Polish sausages.

If you want something really cheap, go to a milk bar. They serve affordable Polish food.

Stay in Budget-Friendly Accommodations

There are many places to stay in Kraków that are very affordable. You can choose from hostels to budget hotels. Try to stay close to the city center for convenience or go to Kazimierz for a unique stay.

As a solo traveler, you’ll find Kraków perfect for saving money while enjoying a beautiful city. On average, a day here costs about $60, which is quite a deal.

Marrakech, Morocco

Looking for a memorable adventure? Marrakech, Morocco, is perfect for solo travelers on a budget. It’s a vibrant city that’s safe and filled with budget-friendly experiences, diving deep into Moroccan culture.

The Koutoubia Mosque is a must-visit, with its impressive minaret. The minaret stands tall over the city. Its beautiful architecture and peaceful vibe are a break from the busy life outside.

The markets, or souks, are also a must-see. They offer all kinds of goods, from handmade items to spices. The markets’ lively vibe, bright colors, and lovely smells draw you in for a deep dive into local life.

There are many affordable things to do in Marrakech. Enjoy a walk in the Majorelle Garden, filled with beautiful plants and bright blue buildings. Or, explore the medina, the old city, to find unique spots and meet local artists.

Choosing where to stay in Marrakech is easy, with many options for all budgets. You can pick a cozy riad in the medina or a budget hotel in the city’s new area. Both options won’t cost you too much.

Staying in a riad combines local tradition with comfort at a good price. These guesthouses provide a true Moroccan experience at a value.

“Marrakech offers a vibrant and affordable solo travel experience, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and explore the stunning mosques and bustling markets.”

budget-friendly activities in Marrakech

Sample Table: Average Cost Comparison

Item Average Cost (per day)
Accommodation $30
Food $15
Attractions and Activities $22
Transportation $10
Total $67

In Marrakech, the average daily cost is around $67. This amount covers accommodation, food, fun, and getting around. With smart planning, you can have a great and affordable time in Marrakech.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Looking for an affordable South American destination for solo travel? Buenos Aires, Argentina is the place to be. This lively city has lots of budget-friendly things to do and see. It won’t break your bank but will make your journey memorable.

One highlight of Buenos Aires is Caminito, a colorful neighborhood. Walking its streets, you’ll see houses painted in vibrant hues. You’ll also find live tango shows and artisan markets. It’s a place where beauty meets culture, perfect for anyone who loves taking photos.

To explore the city’s history, don’t miss Teatro Colon, a grand opera house. Join a guided tour to see its beautiful architecture. You’ll also get to admire the opulent stage and feel the grandeur of this famous site.

Trying the local food is a must in Buenos Aires. Enjoy dishes like Argentinean steak, empanadas, and dulce de leche. You can find these treats at the local markets for a good deal. Or, for a more traditional meal, visit a parrilla (steakhouse) in the neighborhood.

There are many cheap places to stay in Buenos Aires. Choose from budget hostels or affordable guesthouses. By saving on accommodation, you can use your money for more fun things in the city.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is great for solo travelers who are on a budget. With just $25 a day, you can dive into the city’s culture. Enjoy historic sites, vibrant neighborhoods, and tasty food. This city proves that a fantastic trip doesn’t have to be expensive.

Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain is a stunning city that’s great for solo travelers on a budget. It’s famous for its beautiful buildings and historical sites. Places like Plaza de España and Seville Cathedral await you. Visiting Seville costs around $132 a day.

Seville, Spain

Looking for affordable places in Europe? Put Seville on your must-visit list. This city mixes old traditions with new style, perfect for exploring alone.

Seville stands out for being budget-friendly. You can see its top spots without spending a lot. Enjoy walks in Plaza de España, see the Cathedral’s beauty, and explore the Alcázar’s history. These places show Seville’s fascinating past and its amazing architecture.

There’s more! Seville also has cheap things to do. Walk in Santa Cruz’s small streets, try tasty tapas, or watch lively flamenco. There’s something interesting for every solo traveler.

“Seville is a city that captures your heart with its vibrant energy and timeless beauty. From the awe-inspiring architecture to the warm and welcoming locals, every moment in Seville is a delight for solo travelers on a budget.” – Traveler Review

Finding a place to stay in Seville is easy, with options for every budget. You can pick from low-cost hostels to charming small hotels. Choose to stay in the city’s historic area for a great location.

Cost Per Day Accommodation Meals Attractions
$132 Average Affordable Affordable

Seville is not just beautiful; it’s also wallet-friendly. Dive into its deep culture and enjoy its lively vibe without spending too much. Seville promises a trip to remember for solo travelers, even on a budget.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu in Peru is a dream for budget-conscious solo travelers. It’s set in the stunning Andes and showcases ancient history. For a unique and affordable adventure, it’s the perfect spot.

This place lets you dive into the Andes’ beauty. Admire the ancient ruins, hiked by lush greenery. The magnificent views will stun you, walking on old paths.

Going alone to Machu Picchu has its perks. You can move around freely, making your visit more personal. Whether you want to hike Huayna Picchu or see the Intihuatana stone, there are many low-cost adventures to pick from.

In nearby Aguas Calientes, cheap lodgings await. You’ll find budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses there. They’re perfect for a good night’s rest after exploring all day.

Budget-Friendly Activities in Machu Picchu:

  • Take a guided tour of the ancient ruins
  • Hike the stunning Inca Trail
  • Witness the sunrise or sunset over the mountains
  • Visit the Machu Picchu Museum for a deeper understanding of the culture
  • Explore the Sacred Valley and its unique archaeological sites

Experience the Beauty of the Andes

Enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes of the Andes. It’s perfect for hiking and taking photos. This area offers a lot for those looking to connect with nature.

Solo trips to Machu Picchu are both affordable and life-changing. Dive into its rich culture, see the impressive ruins, all while surrounded by the Andes’ beauty. Machu Picchu will give you memories to cherish forever.

Machu Picchu

Coron, Palawan, The Philippines

Coron, Palawan in The Philippines is a secret haven for those who travel alone and want paradise on a budget. This place is full of beautiful lagoons, clear beaches, and cool houseboats. It’s top for people who love new adventures but watch their wallet.

The beauty of Coron is amazing. You can check out Kayangan Lake. It’s famous for its blue water and rocky cliffs. Diving and snorkeling in the colorful coral reefs are also big hits. There’s so much life and color under the sea.

Coron has plenty of affordable places to stay. You can pick from cheap hostels to sweet guesthouses. And the kindness of the locals will make you feel at home.

Explore Affordable Activities

Coron is not just about nature; there’s much culture to see too. Visit Maquinit Hot Springs for a natural spa day with mountain views. At Coron Town Plaza, dive into the local history. You’ll also see traditional textiles and crafts.

For foodies, Coron is a dream come true. There’s fresh seafood and local treats to try. A must-eat is Chicken Inasal and a local special, “Tamilok,” made from woodworm.

Coron, Palawan, is a treasure for solo adventurers. It’s full of low-cost fun, amazing nature, and friendly faces. Dive into clear lagoons, chill in warm springs, taste yummy food, and make unforgettable moments.

Coron, Palawan, The Philippines

Cost per Day in Coron Average
Accoutputmodations $
Food $
Activities $
Total $36

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia is perfect for travelers wanting to learn and explore. This city in Southeast Asia is full of history and culture. And the best part? It’s very affordable.

The Mekong River is a key spot in Phnom Penh. A gentle river cruise lets solo travelers relax and see beautiful views. It’s a great way to learn about local life too.

The Royal Palace is a must-see. It’s a beautiful place with traditional Khmer design. Inside, the Silver Pagoda has a special floor made of 5,000 silver tiles. Solo travelers can enjoy learning about Cambodia’s royal past.

The Killing Fields is also worth a visit. It’s a place of remembrance for those lost under the Khmer Rouge. While sad, it’s an essential part of understanding Cambodia’s history.

There are many affordable places to stay in Phnom Penh, perfect for solo adventurers. Hostels and guesthouses are budget-friendly and comfy. This leaves more money to spend on experiences.

Phnom Penh is famous for its cheap, tasty food. Solo travelers can try street food and local dishes that won’t cost much.

On average, a day in Phnom Penh only costs $36. This includes everything, making it great for those traveling alone. With its culture, history, and low cost, it’s a top choice for budget travelers in Cambodia.

Attractions Average Cost per Day
The Mekong River $0 (Free)
Royal Palace $10
Killing Fields $6
Accommodations $10-$30 per night
Local Cuisine $3-$5 per meal

Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia is perfect for those traveling alone and on a budget. It’s known for its great beaches and parks. You can go on beautiful hikes or relax on Cottesloe Beach’s white sands. Don’t miss Kings Park and Botanic Garden for their great views and green spaces.

Perth has a lot to do that won’t cost much. You can check out the local art at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Or, see a show at the Perth Concert Hall. The Fremantle Markets are also a must, offering tasty food and handcrafted items.

There are many places to stay in Perth, for all budgets. Whether you like guesthouses or hostels, Perth has affordable options. You can stay near the city center or close to the beach without spending too much.

Perth: A Budget-Friendly Destination in Australia

For a budget trip in Australia, Perth is a great pick. The city costs about $103 a day, which is quite affordable. With its natural beauty and lively culture scene, Perth offers a memorable trip that’s light on your wallet.

Free Activities in Perth Average Cost Per Day
Hiking along coastal trails $0
Relaxing on Cottesloe Beach $0
Exploring Kings Park and Botanic Garden $0
Visiting the Art Gallery of Western Australia $0
Shopping at the Fremantle Markets $0

Perth is a fantastic choice for those looking for a budget trip. It’s packed with beautiful beaches and lively culture. The city allows travelers to enjoy without spending a lot.

In Perth, Australia, solo travelers can enjoy the sun and save money. The area has breathtaking beaches and parks. You can relax on the beach or go hiking. The average daily cost is $103.


Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you miss out on great times. We have listed the top 10 places that offer cheap stays, activities, and sights for those traveling alone. These places make it easy for solo adventurers to visit. From the ancient streets of Kraków to the breathtaking views of Machu Picchu, there’s a lot to see.

You can see ancient ruins, enjoy different cultures, and swim at beautiful beaches without spending too much. Places like Passau in Germany, Ljubljana in Slovenia, and Phnom Penh in Cambodia are affordable. They make solo trips not just doable but also amazing.

Are you into history, nature, or love the beach? These places have something for all tastes. So, grab your bags, follow your love for travel, and start your budget-friendly adventure alone. The globe is ready for you!


Are these destinations recommended for solo travelers on a budget?

Yes, these spots are great for solo budget adventurers. They are full of cheap places to stay and things to do. So, they are ideal for those watching their wallet.

What is the average cost per day in Passau, Germany?

A day in Passau, Germany costs around . This makes it a good choice for travelers trying to save money.

Is Ljubljana, Slovenia a safe destination for solo travelers?

Definitely safe for solo visitors, Ljubljana offers more. It’s easy to hike for free or enjoy nearby Alps. So, it’s perfect for adventure seekers on a budget.

Are there affordable accommodations in Kraków, Poland?

Certainly, Kraków is friendly on the pocket. It has cheap places to stay and eat. This lets you see its historic spots without spending too much.

What is the average cost per day in Marrakech, Morocco?

A day in Marrakech averages . It’s great for exploring local life and visiting amazing places like mosques and markets.

Can solo travelers on a budget enjoy Buenos Aires, Argentina?

For sure! Buenos Aires is lively with its culture and food. At just a day, it’s a great deal for solo travelers.

Are there affordable accommodations in Seville, Spain?

Affordable stays are easy to find in Seville. Its beauty and history can still be enjoyed without overspending.

How much does it cost per day in Machu Picchu, Peru?

Cut about a day to visit Machu Picchu. It’s a spectacular place with mountains, culture, and ruins, perfect for budget adventurers.

What is the average cost per day in Coron, Palawan, The Philippines?

A day in Coron, Palawan, costs around . It has clear lagoons and a houseboat stay which is budget paradise.

Can solo travelers on a budget enjoy Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

Absolutely! Phnom Penh’s history and culture won’t cost much to explore. Key sites like The Mekong River are affordable and rich in experience.

Are there affordable accommodations in Perth, Australia?

Perth is good for budget solo travelers. It has beautiful nature like beaches. Free things like hiking make it perfect for saving money.
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