Best Solo Travel Destinations for Digital Nomads

Being a digital nomad means you can work from anywhere in the world. If you seek fresh destinations to enjoy your nomadic life, consider these travel spots for 2020. They come highly recommended by seasoned travelers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore Tbilisi, Georgia, a vibrant city with a blend of traditional and modern attractions.
  • Visit Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, known for its stunning natural beauty and Mayan culture.
  • Discover Hpa An, Myanmar, a hidden gem with breathtaking landscapes and cave exploration opportunities.
  • Experience Auroville, India, an experimental and spiritual community focused on sustainable living.
  • Immerse yourself in the serene Chiang Mai Countryside, Thailand, where you can indulge in nature and peaceful surroundings.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is Georgia’s capital and a top pick for digital nomads worldwide. It blends a deep history and beautiful architecture with welcoming people. This creates a lively setting for those who work online and want to explore.

Living in Tbilisi is affordable, great for digital nomads. You can find budget-friendly options for housing, food, and getting around. This variety helps everyone, no matter your pocket size, live well.

There are many places to stay, from chic apartments to cozy hotels. Most come with fast internet and work spaces. It’s perfect for making connections with other online workers.

Vegan or not, Tbilisi’s food scene delights all tastes. You’ll find local and international dishes everywhere. The city is especially known for its veg-friendly options.

Getting around is easy and cheap thanks to mashrutkas, mini-buses. They link you to Tbilisi’s highlights and beyond. You can explore the beautiful countryside or the famous wine region of Kakheti.

“Tbilisi is a hidden gem for digital nomads with its blend of affordability, cultural richness, and warm hospitality.” – Digital Nomad Magazine

Explore Tbilisi’s heart in the Old Town, a UNESCO site. The area is full of history, with old streets and churches. Plus, the nearby river offers superb views of the city.

If nature calls, visit Kazbegi or Borjomi-Kharagauli national parks. Here, you can hike, enjoy beautiful scenery, and find peace.

In Tbilisi, you’ll find all you need for a unique digital nomad experience. The city stands out with its food, transport, accommodations, and cultural richness. It truly is a special place to explore.

Recommended Places to Visit in Tbilisi:

Name Description
Narikala Fortress A historic fortress with stunning panoramic views of Tbilisi.
Peace Bridge An architectural marvel spanning the Mtkvari River.
Flea Market at Dry Bridge Browse through a wide array of antiques, artworks, and unique finds.
Mtatsminda Park Enjoy thrilling rides, breathtaking views, and delicious food at this amusement park.
Sulfur Baths Experience traditional Georgian sulfur baths for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Note: The table above provides a list of recommended places to visit in Tbilisi. Please check the opening hours and availability before planning your visit.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan is a beautiful spot in the mountains of Guatemala. It’s perfect for digital nomads. The area has amazing views, a strong Mayan culture, good internet, and a community of like-minded folks. This makes it great for people who work remotely and enjoy peace.

This place is surrounded by three big volcanoes. It offers stunning views, perfect for inspiring digital nomads. You can work from a lakeside cafe or a spot with a view. The calm setting helps with concentrating and being creative.

Lake Atitlan is known for more than its pretty views. It’s full of deep Mayan culture. You can learn a lot by visiting Mayan villages, local markets, and joining traditional ceremonies. It’s a chance to connect with the local history and traditions.

In terms of practicality, Lake Atitlan has what you need. Even though it’s a bit off the beaten path, there’s good internet. You’ll also find lots of places to eat that are vegan-friendly, which is perfect for keeping your energy up.

Must-visit Digital Nomad Spots

  • San Marcos La Laguna: A place focused on spiritual wellness. It’s great for yoga lovers and those seeking quiet.
  • Panajachel: The first stop for many at the lake. It has a busy waterfront and many places to stay.
  • Santa Cruz La Laguna: A calm spot for those wanting peace and a slower life.

When work can wait, Lake Atitlan offers a lot to do outside. You can hike, kayak, jump off cliffs, or paraglide. There’s something for everyone. And in the evenings, enjoy live music and other cultural events with fellow digital nomads.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Pros Cons
Stunning natural beauty Can be challenging to reach
Rich Mayan culture Limited infrastructure outside main towns
Decent internet connectivity Some areas prone to power outages
Vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants Language barrier for non-Spanish speakers
Range of outdoor activities More suitable for nature lovers than city enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a place with natural beauty, culture, and a supportive community, put Lake Atitlan on your list. Enjoy the peace, have some adventures, and see how it changes your digital nomad life.

Hpa An, Myanmar

Hpa An is a small, undiscovered town in Myanmar. It’s the perfect place for digital nomads seeking quiet. The town is surrounded by beautiful karst mountains and a river. This setting is great for both work and enjoying nature. Its peaceful vibe and deep culture offer a real break from busy city life.

Digital nomads will love Hpa An for its great internet and natural beauty. You can visit ancient caves with Buddhist temples, go hiking, and see amazing sunrises. The quiet and calm of Hpa An give you the best chance to work inspired by nature.

There are many accommodation choices in Hpa An, from simple guesthouses to boutique hotels near the river. You’ll find lots of tasty local food, especially at the riverside restaurants. Try the traditional Burmese dishes for a special treat.

A must-do in Hpa An is the boat trip on the Thanlwin River. This relaxing journey shows you stunning views. You’ll see limestone cliffs cut through the river, a memorable sight.

Hpa An, in Myanmar, is an ideal spot for digital nomads. It’s blessed with beautiful mountains and a river. Whether you want to relax in nature, explore culture, or work hard, Hpa An is perfect. It helps you leave the world behind while you focus on your job. This makes it a top choice for digital nomads in Southeast Asia.

Hpa An, Myanmar

Reasons to Choose Hpa An, Myanmar Highlights
1. Rugged karst mountain scenery 1. Mystical caves with ancient temples
2. Riverside beauty 2. Breathtaking sunrises over the mountains
3. Tranquil ambiance for work and exploration 3. Picturesque boat ride along the Thanlwin River
4. Reliable and affordable internet access 4. Cozy guesthouses and boutique riverside hotels
5. Delightful Burmese cuisine 5. Serene and inspiring natural environment

Auroville, India

Auroville is in Southern India, near Pondicherry. It is a special place for people who work online. Here, you will find a perfect mix of nature, sustainable living, and a calm lifestyle.

This area focuses on natural farming and permaculture. Around Auroville, you’ll see beautiful green farms. Here, you can join in farming activities and see how food is grown naturally. It’s a great chance to learn about eco-friendly farming methods.

Auroville offers workshops on permaculture for digital nomads. These classes teach about creating environments that work well with nature. They are practical and aim to give you a deep understanding of designing with nature.

Although Auroville seems isolated because of its green living, the area has seen better internet access lately. This change has made it a good spot for those who work online and enjoy peace. The quiet setting, along with a lively community, is ideal for a rewarding work and life balance.

Auroville Highlights:

  • A sustainable and utopic township
  • Organic farms and farm-to-table experiences
  • Permaculture workshops for eco-conscious individuals
  • A balance of tranquility and internet connectivity

Chiang Mai Countryside, Thailand

Get away from city life and find peace in Chiang Mai’s countryside. It’s a top spot for digital nomads due to its mix of low cost, beauty, and cultural adventures.

Chiang Mai’s hinterland is green and has pretty rice fields. It’s a calm place to focus on work or just chill out. Enjoy a slower pace, discover secret spots, and feel the calm of nature.

The area is known for serene monasteries. These quiet places are great for meditation. Enjoy amazing views from the mountain temples and find your calm.

Besides its natural charm, Chiang Mai’s countryside has fast internet. This is great if you work online or attend virtual meetings, keeping you connected.

Chiang Mai is also cheap, which is perfect for digital nomads. You can live well here without spending a lot. Try local food, street snacks, or go for vegan meals.

Visit markets, join cultural events, and meet locals who are warm and welcoming. You can also do yoga, go cycling, or visit elephant sanctuaries nearby. This makes your nomad life very fulfilling.

Chiang Mai Countryside

Advantages of Chiang Mai Countryside Disadvantages of Chiang Mai Countryside
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Peaceful and serene environment
  • Availability of superfast wifi
  • Picturesque rice paddies
  • Opportunity to engage in meditation and spiritual practices
  • Distance from city center amenities
  • Less variety in dining and entertainment options

Head to Chiang Mai’s peaceful countryside for a perfect work-life balance. Immerse yourself in nature, visit serene monasteries, and live the digital nomad dream. It’s one of the best places for remote workers.

Yerevan, Armenia and Cape Town, South Africa

Expand your digital nomad comfort zone by checking out places like Yerevan, Armenia, and Cape Town, South Africa. These unique spots offer chances for deep cultural dives, amazing views, and meeting people from all walks of life. Get ready for new experiences waiting for you in these special locations.

Yerevan shines as Armenia’s lively heart, known for its colorful past and cool structures. Walking its lively streets means seeing a mix of old and new buildings. Don’t miss the Cascade Complex with cool sculptures and a great city view.

Dive into local life by shopping in the busy markets, sampling local food, and checking out neat museums. Cape Town, on the other hand, sits in a prime spot between Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. This brings unmatched natural sights and a vibrant atmosphere.

Yerevan, Armenia

Stroll through Bo-Kaap to see its bright houses and taste of its rich Malay roots. Or visit Woodstock for its art and live markets. Riding the Table Mountain cable car shows you amazing vistas of the city and beyond.

Cape Town does not fall short on outdoor fun either. You can hike, surf, and get close to wildlife. Choosing places less traveled, like Yerevan and Cape Town, lets you find one-of-a-kind adventures. It’s a great way to see the world differently.

Other Digital Nomad Destinations

Alongside the recommended places, many other not-so-well-known spots exist for digital nomads. These places provide special experiences, a low cost of living, great weather, and a lively group of fellow nomads. When deciding on a place, it’s key to think about how much it costs to live there, the climate, and what you like. Getting tips from experienced nomads and hearing about their adventures can lead you to amazing places.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a top pick for those working on the go. It’s budget-friendly, has awesome spots to work in, and is surrounded by beautiful nature. This city mixes old traditions with new styles. You’ll have plenty of chances to dive into the local culture of Thailand.

Medellín, Colombia

Medellín is becoming a hotspot for working travelers. It’s famous for its perfect weather, welcoming people, and a big expat scene. The living cost here is friendly on the wallet, and there are lots of places to work together. Don’t miss out on the city’s vibrant areas, where you can grab a coffee and see the fun side of night time.

These two are just drops in the ocean of places you could go as a digital nomad. No matter where you end up, aim for a spot that matches what you’re looking for. Drawing inspiration from other nomads can help you start a unique journey of your own as a traveling worker.

digital nomad destinations

Challenges and Considerations for Digital Nomads

The digital nomad lifestyle gives lots of freedom. It lets people work from anywhere. Yet, it’s crucial to know and get ready for the challenges. These include staying safe and handling different cultures.

Ensuring Safety

Safety is a must for digital nomads. When in new places, check their safety and rules. Avoid scams and bad areas. Also, get travel insurance for unexpected events.

Reliable Internet Access

A good internet connection is vital for digital nomads. Know about a place’s internet before going. Use a VPN to protect yourself online. This ensures you can work without problems.

Navigating Cultural Barriers

Traveling brings you face to face with new cultures. Respect is key. Learn about local ways to avoid misunderstandings. This can lead to great connections and richer travel.

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” – Sir Francis Bacon

Living the digital nomad life can be tough. But, by planning well and staying open, you can beat these challenges. Focus on safety, internet, and cultural understanding. This will make your journey and work better.

challenges for digital nomads

Now, let’s dive into some key tips for those who want to be digital nomads. These tips can help you fully enjoy this unique lifestyle.

Tips for Embracing the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The digital nomad lifestyle is full of excitement and adventure. It’s a great chance for long-term travel, saving money, and joining new communities. Here are some key tips for making the most of it:

Create a Long-Term Travel Plan

For digital nomads, planning is key for long-term travel. Look into where you want to go and what visas you’ll need. Also, check the cost of living. By planning well, you can see the world and enjoy different cultures without spending too much.

Establish a Budget

Setting up a budget is essential for a digital nomad’s lifestyle. Know how much you spend every month on housing, travel, food, and work expenses. Make a budget that lets you live comfortably and save for more travel. You can save money by staying in hostels or joining co-living spaces.

Engage with Local Communities

Living as a digital nomad brings you close to many different communities. This gives you a chance to learn from and bond with locals. Go to local events and get involved in volunteer work. This helps you make friends and have a richer experience in each place.

Build a Network

Connecting with other digital nomads is important for personal and career growth. Join online groups, social media, and co-working spaces to meet others like you. This networking can offer advice, support, and chances for working together or advancing your career.

Join Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces are a big help for digital nomads. They have good internet, nice places to work, and chances to team up with others. Being in a co-working space can boost your work performance, make you feel part of a community, and introduce you to professionals from many fields.

digital nomad lifestyle

To truly live the digital nomad lifestyle, focus on long-term and thrifty travel, and community interactions. With good planning, smart budgeting, and active community involvement, you’ll have a truly rewarding experience as a digital nomad.

Tips for Embracing the Digital Nomad Lifestyle
Create a Long-Term Travel Plan
Establish a Budget
Engage with Local Communities
Build a Network
Join Co-working Spaces


The digital nomad lifestyle is about freedom and adventure. It’s perfect for solo travelers who work remotely. The best places for digital nomads offer affordable living, a lively community, and the right support for working online.

Places like Tbilisi and Lake Atitlan, as well as known spots like Chiang Mai, welcome digital nomads. They provide great opportunities to work and live anywhere. So, get ready, explore, and find your perfect spot for adventure as a digital nomad.


What are the best solo travel destinations for digital nomads?

Top spots include Tbilisi, Lake Atitlan, Hpa An, Auroville, and Chiang Mai’s countryside. These are great for digital nomads.

What makes Tbilisi, Georgia a great destination for digital nomads?

Tbilisi is known for its friendly people and beautiful surroundings. You can enjoy a rich cultural life here. Also, it’s easy to get around with its affordable mashrutka rides.

Why is Lake Atitlan, Guatemala recommended for digital nomads?

Lake Atitlan is stunning and rich in ancient Mayan culture. It has decent internet and a community focused on living mindfully. Plus, there are great vegan cafes and activities like yoga and music events.

What makes Hpa An, Myanmar an offbeat destination for digital nomads?

Hpa An’s karst mountain views are breathtaking, especially during sunrises. You’ll find ancient temples and good internet here. Plus, it’s quite affordable.

What makes Auroville, India an ideal destination for digital nomads?

Auroville is a sustainable living dream near Pondicherry. It has green spaces, farms, and healthy food spots. You can learn about permaculture here. Internet access is getting better.

Why is the Chiang Mai countryside in Thailand popular among digital nomads?

Chiang Mai’s countryside is loved for its low cost and tranquil vibe. You’ll see beautiful rice fields. There’s fast wifi, excellent vegan options, and cultural happenings.

What are some offbeat destinations for digital nomads?

Yerevan, Armenia, and Cape Town, South Africa are different but appealing. They offer unique cultures and nature. You can meet interesting people there.

Are there other digital nomad destinations worth considering?

Yes, many choose Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Medellín, Colombia. Before you go, think about the cost of living and the weather. Also, consider what you like in a place.

What challenges should digital nomads consider?

Safety, good internet, and local customs are key things to keep in mind. Research laws and cultural norms. Get a VPN for online security. Be ready for some bumps along the way.

What tips can help in embracing the digital nomad lifestyle?

For a true nomad lifestyle, plan for the long haul. Make a budget. Connect with locals and other nomads. Work in shared spaces and join local activities.

What are the best solo travel destinations for digital nomads in conclusion?

The best places for solo digital nomads offer both affordability and a welcoming community. Options range from Tbilisi to Chiang Mai. There’s a vast world out there ready for you to discover and work remotely.
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