Best destinations for families with teenagers

Traveling with teenagers can give you memories for a lifetime. It’s crucial to find places that meet their interests and are perfect for their age. This article will guide you through top destinations for families with teenagers. Whether you like beach resorts or bustling cities, we have something for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose destinations that offer activities suitable for teenagers’ interests and age group.
  • Consider beach resorts, international cities, and outdoor adventure destinations.
  • Costa Rica, Myrtle Beach, and Porto are excellent options for families with teenagers.
  • Explore cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, and unique attractions.
  • Plan a family vacation that creates unforgettable memories and strengthens bonds.

Costa Rica: The Happiest Country on Earth

Costa Rica shines as a top pick for family getaways, especially for those with teenagers. It has earned the title of the happiest country globally. This place is chock-full of fun activities for the whole family.

family vacations in Costa Rica

Its breathtaking natural scenery is perfect for unforgettable family trips. Just picture wandering in dense rainforests, spotting rare wildlife, and soaking up the sun on its spotless beaches. Costa Rica is a dream for both thrilling adventures and peaceful moments.

Teens will find a lot to do here too. They can zip through the treetops, trek to volcanoes, and start surfing in cool spots like Tamarindo. These activities are perfect for teens looking for excitement and new experiences.

“Costa Rica offers a combination of adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences that will delight both parents and teenagers.”

Besides all the outdoor fun, families can dive into Costa Rica’s diverse culture. Visiting local villages or learning about eco-friendly farming are just a couple of ways to do this. It’s a chance for teenagers to learn and appreciate new cultures.

Costa Rica is a gem for family holidays. Its stunning views and plenty of things to do ensure a great time for everyone. Take a walk in its lush forests, unwind by the shore, or dive into the culture – it will surely be a vacation to remember.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Fun in the Sun

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is perfect for families with teens. It has beautiful beaches and fun-filled water parks. Families can enjoy go-karts and mini-golf. The city also offers cool sports like surfing and wakeboarding. It’s a lively place that mixes beach peace with family fun.

Family-Friendly Activities in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is full of activities for the whole family. Here’s a list of some exciting places:

  • Visit the Myrtle Waves Water Park for water slides and a lazy river.
  • Explore Broadway at the Beach, with its shops and Ripley’s Aquarium.
  • Go to Family Kingdom for rides and a big wooden coaster.
  • Take a walk along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk with many shops and food.

Beach Destinations for Families

The beaches at Myrtle Beach are famous for a reason. They’re perfect for families to relax, picnic, and play. You can swim, bodyboard, and even play beach volleyball.

“Myrtle Beach is great for relaxing at the beach and finding fun, making it perfect for families with teens.” – Local Travel Guide

Top Vacation Spots for Families with Teenagers

Activity Description
Go-Kart Racing Race against family at tracks in Myrtle Beach for a fun, thrilling time.
Mini-Golf Play mini-golf at various cool courses in Myrtle Beach.
Water Sports Enjoy water sports like surfing and wakeboarding in the Atlantic Ocean.
Amusement Parks Have fun at parks like Family Kingdom or with the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel.

Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer families, especially those with teens. From relaxing on the beach to go-kart racing, there’s plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy.

Myrtle Beach

Porto, Portugal: A Taste of Europe

Porto, Portugal is great for families with teens. It’s safe, cheap, and easy to get around on foot. This makes it perfect for exploring together.

Teens can enjoy places like Livraria Lello, known as the “Harry Potter library.” They can also try surfing at nearby beaches. Plus, there are scenic rides to the beautiful Douro Valley.

This city combines history, culture, and fun outdoor activities. It’s sure to capture the whole family’s interest.

European destinations for families with teenagers

Exploring Cultural Experiences in Porto

In Porto, families dive deep into the city’s culture. Visit Ribeira, Porto’s historic area, with its colorful buildings and narrow streets. And don’t miss crossing the Dom Luís I Bridge for stunning views.

“Porto offers a mix of history, culture, and outdoor adventures that will captivate the entire family.”

The Livraria Lello is a must-see. This bookstore is famous for its beautiful design and a wooden staircase. J.K. Rowling was inspired here for Harry Potter.

Try local food and Port wine. You can take a food tour to taste pastries, local seafood, and more.

Outdoor Adventures in Porto

Porto brims with outdoor fun. Teens can learn to surf at beaches like Matosinhos and Foz. Or relax and enjoy the sun by the sea.

Exploring the Douro Valley is also a great idea. It’s a UNESCO site with stunning views. Enjoy a train trip or a river cruise among the vineyards.

Porto is a true European gem. It blends historic charm, rich culture, and great outdoor activities. Families with teens will surely love it.

Space Coast, Florida: A Journey to the Stars

The Space Coast in Florida is thrilling for families with teenagers. It’s perfect for those into space travel. It’s just an hour from Orlando. The Kennedy Space Center is world-famous. Teenagers can try a simulated shuttle launch. They can also enjoy interactive exhibits and meet astronauts.

This area is not just about space. It also has beautiful beaches. These beaches are great for relaxing and fun activities like kayaking and paddleboarding.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a must-see. Here, teenagers can learn about space travel history and see amazing technology. It helps them understand the universe better.

“The universe is full of questions, and the answers lie within the depths of space.”

Exploring the Space Coast also means enjoying its natural beauty. Families can see wildlife and go on scenic hikes. This area combines learning with fun.

Visiting the Canaveral National Seashore is essential. Families can see the beautiful coast, its wildlife, and enjoy nature’s peace.

The Space Coast in Florida is perfect for families looking for an amazing adventure. It’s a place that fills teenagers with a deep sense of awe and wonder.

Attractions in the Space Coast:

  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
  • Canaveral National Seashore
  • Exploration Tower
  • Brevard Zoo
  • Cocoa Beach

Space Coast

Denver, Colorado: Adventure in the Mountains

Denver, Colorado, is perfect for teenage outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll find stunning mountain sceneries and lots of fun activities. These include hiking, biking, and skiing. Unique places like the Denver Selfie Museum and the Denver Skate Park are here, too. You’ll also love Denver’s top-notch museums and cultural sites. They make learning and fun mix perfectly on a family trip.

outdoor activities in Denver

Outdoor Activities in Denver

Activity Description
Hiking Hit the trails in the Rocky Mountains near Denver. Try spots like Mount Evans and Red Rocks Park.
Biking Ride bikes through the city’s scenic Cherry Creek Trail. Or check out neighborhoods that are bike-friendly.
Skiing For skiing and snowboarding, visit Winter Park and Loveland Ski Area. They’re popular and have great conditions.

Attractions in Denver

  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science: Experience exhibits about dinosaurs, space, and the environment.
  • Downtown Aquarium: See marine life up close and interact with touch tanks and interesting displays.
  • Denver Botanic Gardens: Enjoy beautifully designed gardens with diverse plants from around the globe.

“Denver, Colorado, offers a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and cultural experiences, making it an ideal destination for families with teenagers.” – Travel Magazine

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Nature at Its Best

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a perfect year-round spot for families with teens. It’s a gateway to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. These parks are must-sees, full of stunning natural beauty.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Want to dive into nature’s beauty? Jackson Hole is ideal. It boasts grand mountains, clear lakes, and lots of wildlife. There’s so much to explore, making it a hit with parents and teens alike.

Outdoor Activities for Adventure Enthusiasts

If outdoor adventures are your family’s thing, Jackson Hole won’t disappoint. In winter, teens can enjoy Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It’s famous for its tough trails and amazing scenery. Skiing or snowboarding here is an experience not to be missed.

“Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a paradise for winter sports lovers. The stunning mountain vistas and exhilarating runs make it an incredible destination for adventurous teenagers.” – Maria Johnson, avid skier

Warmer months turn the area into a perfect place for hiking, biking, and spotting wildlife. In Grand Teton National Park, teens can hike and see top sights. Keep an eye out for elk, moose, and bears.

If you’re up for thrills, try river rafting on the Snake River. It offers heart-pumping fun and stunning views. Teens will enjoy challenging the rapids and seeing nature from a different angle.

Exploring the National Parks

A Jackson Hole visit is not complete without seeing the famous national parks. Grand Teton is known for its mountains and lakes, perfect for outdoor fun and photos.

Yellowstone, just a drive away, is full of natural wonders. See Old Faithful geyser, walk the hot springs, and gaze at the Grand Prismatic Spring colors. It’s a marvel.

Both parks are great for spotting wildlife and learning about unique natural systems. They’re a treat for families seeking outdoor adventures.

Exploring Jackson Hole and its parks creates memories. It also teaches the value of nature and outdoor activities.

San Diego, California: Fun in the Sun

San Diego, California, attracts families with teenagers all year because of its great weather and many things to do. The city has gorgeous beaches, great for relaxing and doing water sports. Teenagers can have fun at the famous San Diego Zoo, and explore places like the San Diego Air & Space Museum. They can also enjoy exciting rides at Belmont Park.

San Diego is full of activities perfect for families. The San Diego Zoo is a top spot, letting teens see animals from all over the world. If you like pandas or polar bears, this is your chance to learn about saving wildlife up close.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is cool if flight and space interest you. It has cool exhibits, flight simulators, and old planes to check out. Teens can feel like they’re in the sky and learn about space all at once.

family-friendly activities in San Diego

Belmont Park is perfect for teens, right by the beautiful beach. It has fun rides, like the famous Giant Dipper roller coaster. There are also arcade games, mini-golf, and the FlowRider for surfing fun.

San Diego is also famous for its street art and hidden caves. Teens can join a tour to see amazing street art or go cave exploring. These are unique experiences that make great memories.

San Diego’s always sunny with lots to do. It is a great place in California for families with teenagers. Whether it’s amusement parks, learning at museums, or outdoor fun, there’s something for everyone in San Diego.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: Waterpark Paradise

Wisconsin Dells is known as the waterpark capital of the world. It’s perfect for families with older kids. The city has many indoor and outdoor water parks with slides, pools, and fun water adventures.

Teens in Wisconsin Dells find lots of excitement. They can ride thrilling waterslides, float in lazy rivers, and enjoy wave pools. From giant slides to action-packed races, there’s endless fun for teens looking for adventure.

“Wisconsin Dells is a haven for water lovers and thrill seekers, providing endless entertainment for the whole family.”

But the excitement doesn’t end at the water parks. Wisconsin Dells has more to offer. Teenagers can enjoy go-kart racing, mini-golf, virtual reality, and escape rooms. There’s plenty of adventure for those seeking fun.

Don’t miss the beautiful outdoors. Wisconsin Dells is surrounded by stunning nature. It has amazing hiking trails, beautiful natural sites, and chances for outdoor fun. It’s a great break from the water parks.

Top Attractions in Wisconsin Dells

  1. Noah’s Ark Waterpark
  2. Kalahari Resorts
  3. Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park
  4. Timbavati Wildlife Park
  5. Wizard Quest

Wisconsin Dells is truly a waterpark paradise. It combines thrilling rides, family fun, and natural beauty. A family trip here is a chance for teens to create lasting memories and enjoy adventure.

Indoor Water Parks Outdoor Water Parks
Kalahari Resorts Noah’s Ark Waterpark
Great Wolf Lodge Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park
Chula Vista Resort Lost Rios Indoor Waterpark

Trento, Italy: European Charm in the Alps

Trento, Italy, blends European charm with stunning scenery and outdoor fun. It is located in the Alps. The city is perfect for those who love hiking, biking, and breathtaking views.

Bring your family to Trento for exciting outdoor activities. The city has many trails for hiking amidst beautiful landscapes. Take a deep breath of the mountain air and see the Alps up close.

Are you into biking? Trento has cycling routes for all levels. You can enjoy a leisurely ride or tackle mountain biking paths that are more challenging.

Teenagers can explore Trento’s history by visiting Castello del Buonconsiglio. It’s a medieval castle with great art and views. They can also check out the Museo delle Scienze for fun and learning.

Trento is also near Lake Garda, a great spot for water sports. You can sail, windsurf, or kayak in its clear waters. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the sun with family.

Don’t miss tasting Trentino apple strudel and local wines. The city is close to Venice and Verona, making day trips easy. Enjoy the food and cultural experiences Trento has to offer.

Trento is where nature, history, and authentic Italian culture come together. It’s a beautiful spot in the Alps for a family holiday. Expect a trip full of fun, natural beauty, and lasting memories.

outdoor activities in Trento

Attractions in Trento:

  1. Castello del Buonconsiglio
  2. Museo delle Scienze
  3. Lake Garda
  4. Day trips to Venice and Verona


Planning a family vacation with teens is thrilling yet tricky. It’s about finding places that interest them and offer fun activities. This helps in making memories that last and makes everyone closer. For instance, you could visit Costa Rica’s rainforests, soak up the sun at Myrtle Beach, or dive into Porto’s culture. Many choices exist that teenagers will love and that bring joy to the whole family.

Looking for family-friendly places with cool spots for teens is a good idea. These spots are packed with fun things teens like, making their vacation great. They offer various activities, from outdoor fun to cultural outlets, to cater to everyone’s tastes and interests.

Traveling with teens is a great way to bond. It allows parents and older kids to discover new places and to share experiences. Pick the right family vacation to make sure every family member has a blast. Think about places like Costa Rica, Myrtle Beach, or Porto. These are known for welcoming families and having activities for all ages.

As you plan the next family trip, remember places that are great for older kids. These destinations blend fun activities with chances to grow personally. With some thought, you’ll have a vacation that not only delights your teenagers but also brings your whole family closer.

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What are the best destinations for families with teenagers?

Great places for families with teens are Costa Rica and Myrtle Beach. Also, Porto in Portugal, the Space Coast in Florida, and more.

Why is Costa Rica a great destination for families with teenagers?

Costa Rica is perfect for teenagers. They can zip line, hike near volcanoes, and learn to surf in places like Tamarindo. It offers adventure, relaxation, and chances to explore new cultures, perfect for the family.

What can families do in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

In Myrtle Beach, families can race go-karts, play mini-golf, and enjoy the boardwalk. Teenagers will love surfing and wakeboarding in the ocean.

Why is Porto, Portugal a perfect European city for families with teenagers?

Porto is safe and easy to walk around. It has places like the Livraria Lello and nearby surfing spots. Families can also take boat or train trips to see beautiful views in the Douro Valley.

What can families experience in the Space Coast, Florida?

The Space Coast is great for teens. They can go to the Kennedy Space Center and have fun with simulated shuttle launches and more. There are also beaches and activities like kayaking for the whole family.

Why is Denver, Colorado an ideal destination for families with teenagers?

Denver has amazing mountain views and outdoor fun. Teens can go to the Denver Selfie Museum and Skate Park. They’ll also enjoy the city’s museums and cultural places.

What can families do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

Families in Jackson Hole can have fun outdoors. Teens can ski, hike, or bike in beautiful landscapes. They can also do river rafting and see wild animals.

Why is San Diego, California a prime destination for families with teenagers?

San Diego is good for families any time of year. Teens can see the San Diego Zoo and Air & Space Museum. They can also have fun at Belmont Park.

Why is Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin known as the waterpark capital of the world?

Wisconsin Dells has lots of water parks. Teens will love the slides, pools, and other attractions. They’ll also enjoy go-kart racing and mini-golf here.

What can families experience in Trento, Italy?

In Trento, families find old-world charm and beautiful nature. Teens can hike, bike, and see historic sites. They can also do water sports on Lake Garda.

Why is it important to choose destinations that cater to teenagers when planning a family vacation?

Picking places that teens will enjoy is key. It keeps them interested and happy. This helps the whole family have a memorable and closer vacation.
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