Top 10 beach destinations for families with children

Planning a family vacation? We’ve got you covered with the top 10 beach spots for families. These destinations are tailor-made for you and your loved ones. Full of stunning beaches and kid-friendly activities, life’s a beach here. So, get your bags ready and let’s make memories together.

Key Takeaways:

  • These top 10 beach destinations are perfect for families with children.
  • They offer a range of family-friendly amenities and activities.
  • From luxurious resorts to laid-back islands, there’s a destination for every preference.
  • Beach destinations provide opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and creating lasting memories.
  • Start planning your family beach vacation and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Montage Kapalua Bay, Maui, Hawaii

Discover the ultimate in luxury for a family beach vacation in Maui, Hawaii, at Montage Kapalua Bay. This resort is known for its top-notch amenities and the beautiful sights that will make your holiday unforgettable.

The resort offers one- to four-bedroom options, perfect for all families. Each suite is designed for your comfort. It’s a beautiful and relaxing space for you and your family.

Get ready to enjoy Kapalua Bay Beach, just a step away from the resort. Its white sand and clear waters are a dream for those who love the beach. Spend your time building sandcastles, taking walks, or just relaxing in the sun.

For kids, there’s the Paintbox program. It has fun activities that help them explore the island’s nature. They’ll make memories and learn a lot about Maui’s wonders.

Besides the top-notch rooms and beach location, the resort also celebrates Hawaiian culture. You can try some traditional activities and learn about the islands’ rich history.

Don’t miss the restaurants at Montage Kapalua Bay. They serve the best Hawaii has to offer. Taste dishes made with fresh, local ingredients.

If you want to see more, Lahaina’s historic town is close by. It features charming streets with art and local dishes. It gives you a glimpse of Maui’s rich culture and history.

Montage Kapalua Bay promises a luxurious and fun vacation for your family. With its beautiful rooms, family-oriented activities, and beach access, it’s the perfect spot for a dreamy family holiday in Maui.

Montage Kapalua Bay

South Seas Island Resort, Florida

South Seas Island Resort is on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. It has a mix of accommodations, nature activities, and things for the whole family. This resort shares the joy of its stunning settings, offering relaxing times and exciting adventures.

The resort brings you many ways to enjoy your stay. Have a friendly tennis match or explore the natural areas to see the local plants and animals. Being near the beach in a luxury rental means you have easy beach access.

The beach here is a top spot. It has calm waves, soft sand with lots of shells, and you might see dolphins and manatees. For beach fans, it’s perfect for sunbathing, making sandcastles, or just walking and enjoying the place.

Kids will love the Scout About Treasure Map. It’s an adventure game around the resort. They can also join the Sanibel Sea School to learn about the ocean’s wonders in a fun way.

Gulf Coast beach at South Seas Island Resort

Nature Activities at South Seas Island Resort:

  • Guided nature walks
  • Kayaking in the mangroves
  • Stand-up paddleboarding
  • Birdwatching

“South Seas Island Resort is a true paradise for families. With its Gulf Coast location, nature activities, and family-friendly amenities, it offers the perfect beach vacation for everyone.”

Families can enjoy a range of amenities at South Seas Island Resort, including:

Family-Friendly Amenities Description
Tennis Courts Challenge each other to a friendly match on the resort’s tennis courts.
Nature Preserves Explore the resort’s nature preserves and discover the unique wildlife and vegetation of the Gulf Coast.
Luxury Rentals Stay in one of the resort’s luxury rentals, conveniently located near the beach for easy access.

South Seas Island Resort on the Gulf Coast of Florida is unbeatable for family fun. With nature close, loads of activities, and the trademark Scout About Treasure Hunt, this resort is perfect for a memorable family vacation. It’s a place to enjoy the wilderness, play on the beach, and make extraordinary memories together.

Club Med Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Club Med Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic has something for every family. It’s perfect for families with kids of all ages. You’ll find something to do that everyone will enjoy.

For those with young children, the resort offers a babysitting service. The Pajama Club is there to take care of young ones. Parents can relax, knowing their kids are safe and happy.

Teenagers will have a great time at Club Med Punta Cana. They can join tons of activities made just for them. Activities range from sports to games and competitions.

While the kids are busy, parents can enjoy the resort’s natural beauty. Imagine walking the coconut tree-lined beach or trying fun water sports. It’s a paradise for the whole family.

Club Med Punta Cana

At Club Med Punta Cana, families can stay in comfortable rooms. The resort is ready for families with small children too, providing cribs and baby gear. This makes travel easier for parents.

Looking for a flexible or relaxing vacation? Club Med Punta Cana will meet your needs. It’s perfect with its babysitting and teen activities. Something for everyone is here.

Club Med Punta Cana Vacation Packages:

Package Name Features Price
All-Inclusive Family Package Accommodation, meals, beverages, activities, and entertainment $XXXX
Teen Club Package Teen-centered activities, sports, and competitions $XXXX
Infant-Friendly Package Cribs, baby gear, and amenities for families with infants $XXXX

Visit Club Med Punta Cana for the perfect vacation. It has the right package for your family’s needs. You can choose from all-inclusive, teen-focused, or infant-friendly options.

Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas is perfect for family vacations. This resort has lots of fun activities for all ages. It’s the ideal spot for a fun family trip.

Atlantis shines with its amazing water park. Families can enjoy water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools. Kids who love water will have the time of their lives.

While kids play in the water, parents can relax nearby. There’s a place for everyone, from shallow pools for toddlers to adventure zones for older kids.

But, Atlantis isn’t all about the water. It has a top-notch aquarium too. There are over 50,000 sea creatures for kids to learn about and enjoy. They can see jellyfish, stingrays, and colorful fish up close.

“Atlantis provides a thrilling experience for kids and adults, with its incredible water park and aquarium.”

Outside the water, there’s plenty to do. Atlantis has activities like movie nights and pottery classes. Plus, beautiful beaches are great for family relaxation.

For a visually appealing overview of what Atlantis has to offer, take a look at the image below:

Atlantis Paradise Island Water Park

Atlantis, Paradise Island is a top choice for a family dream vacation. With a great water park, amazing aquarium, and plenty of family activities, it’s no surprise why families love it here.

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, Aruba

Visit the sunny Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort in Aruba. It’s perfect for families, especially during summer and fall. The resort avoids hurricane seasons.

Stay in one- or two-bedroom villas with amazing beach views. You’ll love waking up to the sound of the waves and seeing palm trees. These villas have live streams, so you can see Eagle Beach from your room.

For meals, you’re in luck. The resort is close to many dining spots. Within walking distance in the low-rise hotel district, you’ll find restaurants offering seafood, international dishes, and Aruban food.

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, Aruba

Families in Aruba will find lots to do. Beach lovers can enjoy the sun, snorkel, or make sandcastles. Visit Flamingo Beach to see these beautiful birds up close.

For fun in the water, try Aruba’s water parks. They have slides, lazy rivers, and play areas. You can also see aloe plants known for their healing properties in Aruba’s natural environment.

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort keeps families happy. They offer beach games, water sports, and excursions. There’s fun for everyone, making it a great family spot.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, Florida

Step away from the noise of Orlando’s theme parks and discover Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. This beautiful resort is tucked away on Florida’s Atlantic coast. It’s perfect for a family beach retreat.

The resort features one-bedroom spaces with full kitchens and laundry. This makes your stay cozy and practical. You’ll love the views and the feeling of being at home by the beach.

There’s so much to do at the resort. Explore the untouched beaches and watch for loggerhead sea turtles. You can also play golf, or simply relax with games and movies.

Kids will enjoy the Mickey Mouse-shaped pool and water play area. It’s a fun spot for them to spend their days. The resort also has programs to keep them busy and happy.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort

At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, every moment is special. You can start the day with beach activities or nature walks. Then, enjoy all the resort’s facilities with your family. It’s a holiday you’ll always remember.

Activities at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort:

  • Loggerhead sea turtle sightings
  • Unspoiled beaches
  • Golf
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Mickey Mouse-shaped swimming pool
  • Splash area
  • Supervised programs

Start planning your family’s dream vacation at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort today. It’s where lasting memories are made.

Beaches Negril Resort & Spa, Jamaica

Enjoy an amazing family vacation at Beaches Negril Resort & Spa in Jamaica. This resort is set on a stunning beach. It brings relaxation, fun, and luxury together perfectly.

Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

There’s fun for both parents and kids at Beaches Negril. You can try exciting water sports or have a game of tennis. The lazy river is perfect for those who want to relax.

Parents can soak up the sun on the white sand beach. Meanwhile, kids get to enjoy supervised programs and meet Sesame Street friends. They’ll have huge smiles and make memories.

Beaches Negril is a great family paradise. It’s beautiful and full of things families love.

Beaches Negril includes everything in your stay. You can eat great food, relax with drinks, and watch shows. It’s all about having a wonderful family holiday.

Let’s see what Beaches Negril Resort & Spa is about:

Amenities Activities Entertainment
  • Luxurious accommodations
  • Multiple swimming pools
  • Wellness spa
  • Tennis
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Nightly live performances
  • Disco night
  • Beach parties

Beaches Negril Resort & Spa gives you a top-rated family vacation. With the beautiful beach and fun activities, it’s the whole package. Plan your amazing family trip now and make memories forever.

Hilton Hawaiian Village, Oahu, Hawaii

The Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu is a top pick for family beach vacations. It’s filled with life and color. This resort has something for every family member, no matter their age.

Pools for the Whole Family

The Hilton Hawaiian Village boasts six pools for fun in the sun. You can swim quietly or enjoy the water with your kids. There’s a pool for every family member.

Cultural Activities and Learning Experiences

There are many ways to dive into Hawaiian culture at this resort. Families can try snorkeling or learn to make leis. It’s a great chance to experience Hawaii’s beauty and traditions.

Free Family Activities

The resort also offers special free events for families to enjoy. On Fridays, there’s a dazzling fireworks show. It’s a memory maker. Plus, there are games like lawn bowling and ukulele lessons. This makes for even more fun times together.

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Exploring Wildlife and Nearby Attractions

The resort organizes trips to places like the Honolulu Zoo. It’s a chance to see Hawaii’s unique wildlife. Families can create special memories through these outings.

The Hilton Hawaiian Village is great for families wanting a Hawaiian adventure. With plenty of pools, cultural fun, and explorations, it’s a choice that won’t disappoint. Your family will make memories that last a lifetime here.


In conclusion, we have looked at the best beach spots for families. Each has something special for everyone. You might want a calm island visit or a fancy resort stay. From Florida’s Gulf Coast to Hawaii’s pure shores, and the charm of the Caribbean, your ideal family trip is out there.

These places are perfect for families. They offer many fun things for all ages. You can explore nature, enjoy cultural events, or visit water parks and aquariums. Imagine making amazing memories on white sands and in clear waters of these stunning places.

So, think about what you love. It could be Florida’s warm Gulf, Hawaii’s luxury on Maui, or fun at places like Club Med. Plan to go with your family to one of these top 10 beach destinations. Pack your bags and get ready for a trip full of unforgettable moments.


What are the top beach destinations for families with children?

Top beach spots for families are Anna Maria Island and Montage Kapalua Bay in Maui. Also, South Seas Island Resort and Club Med Punta Cana offer fun in the sun. Don’t miss Atlantis at Paradise Island and Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort in Aruba. Families love Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, Beaches Negril Resort & Spa, and Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu.

What amenities are offered at Montage Kapalua Bay in Maui, Hawaii?

At Montage Kapalua Bay, you’ll find luxury. Stay in one- to four-bedroom places. Enjoy multiple pools and access to Kapalua Bay Beach. For the kids, there’s Paintbox, a program full of fun activities, including exploring tide pools and seeing sea turtles.

What activities are available at South Seas Island Resort in Florida?

South Seas Island Resort has tennis, quiet beaches, and rentable spot near the beach. The beach offers gentle waves and lots of shells. Plus, you might see dolphins and manatees. Kids will love the ocean learning activities at Scout About Treasure Map.

What is included in the vacation packages at Club Med Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic?

Club Med Punta Cana has great family packages. Kids have their own fun, including the Pajama Club for little ones. Teens also get cool activities. Parents, there’s beach fun, sailing, and fitness classes. Everyone gets to have a great time.

What attractions can be found at Atlantis in Paradise Island in the Bahamas?

Atlantis in Paradise Island has an amazing water park and aquarium. See over 50,000 sea creatures. There are fun spots for kids, like water slides and play areas. The resort offers activities for cooling off and relaxing too.

What makes Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort in Aruba a family-friendly destination?

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort in Aruba is great for family fun. Enjoy the sunny weather all year. Stay in villas with beautiful beach views. Explore different beaches and see things like flamingos and aloe plants. It’s a cool place to hang with the family.

What family-friendly activities are available at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in Florida?

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is perfect for families. There are sea turtle sightings and pristine beaches. Enjoy golf, games, and movies. Kids can dive into the Mickey Mouse pool and join fun programs.

What is included in the all-inclusive package at Beaches Negril Resort & Spa in Jamaica?

At Beaches Negril Resort & Spa, feel the soft beaches of Jamaica. There’s tennis, kayaking, and more. The resort offers Sesame Street-themed fun for the kids. Meals and activities are all part of the deal, making it easy for families.

What activities are available for families at Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu?

The Hilton Hawaiian Village is a hit with families. Enjoy six pools and snorkeling lessons. Learn to make leis and hula. Don’t miss the free activities, like fireworks and ukulele. There are also field trips to see animals and more.
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